Thursday, August 5, 2010


A remake of DAY OF THE JACKAL, I understand the critics didn't
like it. Tough. I like it.

First, it is a remake with a difference. Instead of the sort that is just
new actors doing the same script, this one is set in modern times,
and involves a whole other bunch of players. Several memorable
events from the original film, are played out in this one also, but
in a different way.

The target is different, American, and there is a real major last
minute twist on that one. The burial scene at the end is almost
the same.

Regarding the original movie, there were attempts on De Gaulle's
life, and the initial scenes are accurate enough. From the time
a meeting of rightist generals decides to hire an outside
assassin, everything is fiction. There was never a mystery
assassin called The Jackal, or if there was he wasn't in on this.

The more recent Carlos the Jackal has no bearing on any of
this, and his identity was well known, and he was a terrorist
not a for hire assassin.

The movie stars Bruce Willis as The Jackal, and Sydney
Poitier as the American FBI agent whose attempt, with
a Russian police woman, to arrest a Russian gangster for
an American murder or something like that, starts the whole
thing off.

Bruce Willis gets an Erikson Award for versatility, comparing
his performance here, and other places he stays more or less
in character, with his performance as the hen pecked husband
in Death Becomes Her.

I haven't actually printed up any Awards, but since I am the
only person on the committee, my word here establishes it.


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  2. Hi Sis. Erikson

    I am a minister of a church in Southern California. I want to apologize for being unfair to you on Constance Cumby's blog on Saturday. The whole group were complaining about your comments and I made the comment about resisting the devil.

    I am very sorry for suggesting that the devil may have led you to the blog. Now that I have read your blog and see that you are a Christian with a genuine love for God I know I am wrong.

    Please forgive me. I have also asked the Lord to forgive me. I can see you are a Christian and I had no right to speak to my sister that way.

    Those people on that blog are often too harsh and critical. I read your comments and I believe you love God and you are trying to share with the world your Chrisian insight.

    I have bookmarked your blog and will read it. I want to see what else you have to say. If you delete this post I understand. I just wanted to reach out to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness.

    I like to see what they are saying on Ms. Cumbey's blog. Those people are very intelligent and scholarly. However, I have found they can be mean to "outsiders". But if you know Jesus you are an insider, in His little flock, and you can say whatever the Lord leads you to say, and can probably help the Cumbey bloggers as I have been.

    I hope to see you back on her blog. I will not oppose you again. May the Lord lead us both to not anger them. I have upset them aslo in the past and they ganged up on me. I will read your blog site and try to encourage people to visit.

    May God bless you and encourage you. May He shower you with all blessings and peace, the joy of His sweet presence and hope of His coming. May He honor your work for Him and listen to your every prayer in Jesus' name.

    Your Brother in Christ,


  3. Great award!

    The most rediculous monster.
    I agree that movies have gone too far in their demonic imagery. That's why my wife and I never spend money on them anymore.

    Lately I have been taking in a television series called Bubble Guppies with my daughter. But, wait... they have rediculous monsters too. There is really no place to turn in entertianment. Perhaps Christians should just entertain eacht other.

  4. you could say the monster has very bad table manners.