Friday, April 5, 2013

New Category of Award Best Snivel Song

Best Snivel Song

Town Without Pity AD 1962

Great piece of music and good vocal but the message,
well, whining about "how can you keep love alive,
how can anything survive, when these little minds
tear you in two?"

seems to me this guy, and maybe his girlfriend too,
are too concerned about what people think and say.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Award for most ridiculous monster

This goes to Spawn of the Slithis. Early in the film when the monster
starts eating humans, you have a monster's eye view of things, then
a sort of snarl, squish, squish, squish walking. It breaks in and crashes
things over, the man then the woman come to investigate both are
killed and partly eaten. A silhouette shows a clunky hunched thing
with spines on its back.

The inspiration for this award, or last straw, is the slurping sound
of its eating. All they didn't add was "BUUUURRRP!!!" which
if this were Monty Python for sure and maybe MADtv or SNL
would have added it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Oscars

In general, very rarely does anything worthwhile get an Oscar.

Its the nominated stuff that is really good, but the winners are
usually though not always my idea of second stringer or worse.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Terry Keiser for a difficult role

An Erikson Award goes to Terry Keiser, for his performance in Weekend
at Bernie's 2, where he wanders around in difficult positions playing a
semi revived dead man (zomibe) who only moves when music is playing,
because the goofballs who were to revive Bernie Lomax to lead them
to some stashed money, lost the chicken and had to use a pigeon instead.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


A remake of DAY OF THE JACKAL, I understand the critics didn't
like it. Tough. I like it.

First, it is a remake with a difference. Instead of the sort that is just
new actors doing the same script, this one is set in modern times,
and involves a whole other bunch of players. Several memorable
events from the original film, are played out in this one also, but
in a different way.

The target is different, American, and there is a real major last
minute twist on that one. The burial scene at the end is almost
the same.

Regarding the original movie, there were attempts on De Gaulle's
life, and the initial scenes are accurate enough. From the time
a meeting of rightist generals decides to hire an outside
assassin, everything is fiction. There was never a mystery
assassin called The Jackal, or if there was he wasn't in on this.

The more recent Carlos the Jackal has no bearing on any of
this, and his identity was well known, and he was a terrorist
not a for hire assassin.

The movie stars Bruce Willis as The Jackal, and Sydney
Poitier as the American FBI agent whose attempt, with
a Russian police woman, to arrest a Russian gangster for
an American murder or something like that, starts the whole
thing off.

Bruce Willis gets an Erikson Award for versatility, comparing
his performance here, and other places he stays more or less
in character, with his performance as the hen pecked husband
in Death Becomes Her.

I haven't actually printed up any Awards, but since I am the
only person on the committee, my word here establishes it.